About us

ECOHUES™ waterless dyeing is a new type of environmentally friendly dyeing technology that uses a ~100% recyclable non-aqueous solvent instead of water as the dyeing medium
for reactive dyeing.

It can be widely applied to products made of cotton, linen, and other cellulose fibers,
effectively addressing the challenges of
high water consumption and high pollution in the fashion industry.​

Fashion and water crisis

1 in 4

Approximately 1 in 4 people globally do not have access to safe drinking water
(World Health Organization)


The textile dyeing industry is the second largest polluter of water globally
(UN Environment Programme)


20% of the world’s wastewater is generated by the fashion industry (World Bank)

Our breakthrough technology

With ECOHUES™ patented technology, our recyclable solvent, dyeing mechanism, and process design can achieve the goals of water-saving, energy conservation, and emission reduction, which boldly challenges the fashion industry’s dependence on water resources.

*Data sourced from SGS certification report

Our brand service

ECOHUES™ Waterless Dyeing Certification & Traceability System

This system utilizes a trusted transaction accounting system to trace and assess the grading of products. Additionally, we offer ECOHUES™ brand hangtags that carry NFC chips. By interacting with smartphones, consumers can access detailed information regarding the traceability and water-saving information of the associated garment.

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